Top 7 Ways to Create an AMAZING Life

It’s been a loooooong while since I’ve posted anything. My sincere apologies.

I was running at a pretty frantic pace…looked a lot like a hamster on a wheel. I was juggling a full-time job, a 90-min commute each way to work, three girls in competitive dance, a FB page and a part-time health and wellness business. Needless to say, I was busy. CRAZY BUSY!

Losing my mom, dad and one of my best friends Erika Heller (the inspiration behind the “I Believe She’s Amazing” movement), I realized that life is PRECIOUS and I developed a burning desire to build a life-by-design. One in which I had TIME FREEDOM and Financial FREEDOM to get out of my corporate job and off the crazy hamster wheel, to spend more time with the people I love most, doing the things I choose to do. I can say through lots of work, many challenging days, and a boat load of personal growth – I have FINALLY done it!!! So I am back with a PASSION and NEW purpose, to share what I have LIVED and what I have LEARNED to now help everyone reading, watching or listening to build the most AMAZING life for yourself.

Mom and me Kim

My beautiful mom and I



More time with my LOVES – my husband and 3 girls

There is truly nothing more powerful than:  1) waking up to a life you love every single day, 2) doing work in which you get to be “of service” to others, 3) living a life of abundance and freedom, 4) acting as a great example and role model for your children on how to be in control of your destiny and create a life you love.


So with that, I introduce you to the TOP 7 WAYS to create an AMAZING life (I have lived through all of them and share from a place of experience).

1. Stop Settling

If you don’t LOVE what you do, make a plan to start doing something DIFFERENT. I put my plan B in place, alongside my full time job, and worked it a little every day until I could replace my full-time income. There are so many ways today to create a better life but the first action is to DECIDE that YOU WILL NOT SETTLE for less than what you deserve.

2. Live in Gratitude

This was the single greatest life-changer for me. Instead of always looking for things that weren’t working, or focusing on what I didn’t yet have, I started to look at ALL the things I have to be grateful for and there were many!!! I incorporated them in to a daily ritual I called my “Gratitude Walk” (I’ll post more on this in another blog). Slowly life started to get better, the things I was grateful for were magnified and things that used to “bother me” started to get better. Being thankful is the greatest gift of FREEDOM you can give your mind.

3. Choose LOVE over being RIGHT

Boy oh boy I USED to get stuck in having to have the last word or always being right. NOW, I choose LOVE. I realize I DO NOT always have to agree with what the other person is saying, nor do I have to REACT or JUDGE. Before I respond now I take a breath and ask myself (in my head), “To feel the LOVE in this situation, what is the next right thing to say or do?” This has saved me countless arguments and increased the peace and harmony in my life and in my relationships.

4. Get out of  YOUR COMFORT ZONE

What we “know” is ALWAYS the safest place to live. BUT,  growth does not happen in the safe place of your comfort zone – EVER! Dare to BET on yourself and try something NEW – you will surprise yourself. I PROMISE YOU! When I stepped out on the skinny branch in 2010 and started a new PLAN B – part time business alongside my full time job it changed EVERYTHING for my life!!

5. Don’t listen to Naysayers

Stop! Listening! And especially don’t let those who have done NOTHING tell you how to do ANYTHING! Don’t listen!

6. Surround yourself with POSITIVE people creating CHANGE

One of my favourite quotes is, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Look around you at the five people closest to you? Are you all moving in the same/similar direction? Is it the direction YOU want to be moving in?  Are your friends “Debbie-downers.” Your life will move in the direction of the people you hang with. This can be a tough reality to soak in. If you are dedicated to creating positive change in your life, you need to find mentors, get new friends, hang around people living the kind of life YOU want to be living so you can learn from them.

7. Trust yourself

The minute you can start to trust yourself is the minute your life will start to take off and the things you are longing to accomplish will start to come to fruition. Trust you will figure things out. Trust you CAN do it! Trust it will be okay either way. Trust that you will never grow UNTIL and UNLESS you try! Trust in your dreams – they are tugging at you for a reason. Trust that YOU are WORTH IT!

These 7 steps can get you going in a new direction-they did it for me. Take ONE step into your amazing new life, then another and another and another. You will be surprised at how your mind and your life will begin to change immediately when you make a decision to CHANGE it. You Deserve the BEST!!

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

Live your most amazing life.

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo

Proud mom of 3, Inspired Friend, Lifestyle Expert, Entrepreneur

If you are interested in learning more about how I started my “Plan B” business alongside my full time job and built a true “Life By Design” I’d love to share it with you. Reach out to me at and we can set up a call.


Oh the JOYS of getting older

This weekend my on-again, off-again hot flashes kicked in to full gear…AGAIN. At the hair dresser…under foil…getting my highlights done…while drinking a cup of hot tea!
My face and neck turned cherry-red as the wave of heat came over me. I opened the robe that protected my hair from my clothes and put my tea down. The young hair dresser asked if I was okay and when I told her what was happening, she jokingly commented, “Oh the joys of getting older.”
This made me stop and think. 
Maybe because it was ONE day after, what should have been my friend Erika Heller’s 39th birthday, but she only made it to 31. Maybe it’s because my dear friend Rhonda is the same age my mother was when she passed away at 53 and I realize, just how young that is.
And in that moment I replied, “You know what, I will take it all. The aging, the hot flashes all of it because aging is a JOY and a privilege.”
We live in this YOUTH obsessed world and we fear aging, but truly what is it we fear so much? The GIFT of getting our life RIGHT? The GIFT of WISDOM? The GIFT of getting more time with our loved ones? The GIFT of watching our children AGE and grow? The GIFT of aging well and graciously? The GIFT of more time to LOVE, FORGIVE, UNDERSTAND? The GIFT of more time to HELP others as we develop consciously? The GIFT of seeing our DREAMS come alive?
Aging IS a privilege…a GIFT…and a JOY!
Kim MacGregor Living Life By Design I Believe She's Amazing
Despite the hot flashes (and many other changes that come with being 47), it’s what’s going on inside that really matters. And I can tell you inside, I have a great sense of appreciation for every single day I have. In fact, although I am older than I have ever been (LOL)…I am happier, I feel better and more at peace with everything in my life. I am surrounded by amazing women, who are vibrant, awesome and changing the world for themselves and others. Perhaps this is the new story we should be sharing.
So the next time you think, “Oh the joys of getting older” (with a sarcastic undertone) – flip it to “Oh the JOYS of getting older!” (with an undertone of gratitude).
At the end of the day, it beats the alternative by a landslide.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Never stop believing one person can make a difference… that one person is YOU!

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo
Grateful Heart, Proud mom, Inspired friend, Heart-centred-entrepreneur

#FortyIsTheNew20 #FiftyIsTheNew20 #AgingIsAGift

I Miss My Mom EXTRA at Christmas

It has taken me YEARS to come to terms with CHRISTMAS being a time of celebration. I miss my mom EXTRA at Christmas. On this day, 18 years ago, I said good-bye to the most important woman in my world, my beautiful mom after a battle with cancer. That was the most painful Christmas of my life as my family tried to navigate our way through the “festive joy” that was everywhere and the heart-wrenching emptiness and pain of having just watched the same person who gave me life, cross over to the other side.

Those who knew my mom, could NOT ignore her presence – she was a force of LIFE!!! She showed me by example how to be a mother. She gave us all unconditional BELIEF in ourselves to do ANYTHING we set our minds to. She was my #1 Cheerleader, Biggest Fan and the BEST listener who I could share everything with and TRUST implicitly.

Mommy 2015

Yesterday, I was on my way back from a one-night-road-trip/business meeting with my 16-year-old daughter, Madison. I was telling Madison about my mom, about how much they would have loved each other and about how very much I missed her. Sadly, my mother died before my children were born. Madison replied, “Although I never met grandma Bonnie, I feel like I know her because of all the stories you tell and the pictures I’ve seen.”

That gave me goosebumps and a huge amount of joy!!!

For those who have lost someone you love, keep them alive through the stories you share with loved ones, friends and the gratitude you send them through the distance of time and space, for all they have given you to help make you who you are.

Just this morning my brother and I were discussing the strange awkwardness that surrounds the death of a loved one. It’s as if no one wants to mention them for fear of bringing us to tears and when we speak of them there is silence in listening as if people don’t know how to respond. Only in keeping their memory alive, do they live on. If you have lost a loved one – SPEAK about them, laugh at the funny things they did or said and share them. If you are a friend of someone who has lost a loved one, INDULGE them. Ask them questions and remind them how lucky they were to have had such an incredible person in their life.

Legacy’s should not be the exclusive territory of the rich and famous, world leaders and athletes of days gone by. We are living amongst everyday heroes who influence and impact our lives today and long after they are gone.

And for those of you missing someone as we inch ever closer to Christmas, give yourself permission to smile, laugh, even cry a little bit. Celebrate your loved ones and try to find joy in the moments you share with friends and family that are with you now. Remember you are creating MOMENTS today that will last you and those whose lives you touch just by your presence, for a lifetime to come.

Sending you warmest wishes and much love for a happy holiday!!!

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Never stop believing one person can make a difference… that one person is YOU!

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo
Inspired friend


Leadership and Babies!

I’m fresh off a Leadership Retreat from last weekend, still feeling the euphoric high from the INSPIRATION that was injected into my soul from countless leaders who imparted their wisdom though a mix of stories, vulnerability, humility, truth and love.  I was sorting through my pictures from the weekend and came across this one, that one of my business partners snapped, unbeknownst to me, while I was sharing a moment with 6-week-old Aria (one of the perks of owning your own business is you CAN bring your babies to conferences). There are few things in life more humbling and more rewarding than connecting with other human beings…of all ages.

Mommy and Ayria

As little Aria laid in my lap facing me, I began to softly speak to her. She was locked in – laser focused on my every move. When I looked in her eyes – she looked right back in mine. When I smiled at her, she smiled right back at me. When I spoke to her, she hung off my every word, and when I fell silent she cooed trying to copy me and re-engage in conversation. We are hard-wired to respond favourably to what FEELS good during an interaction between two or more people. Babies are receptive to energy, eye contact and moods.

Aren’t we ALL…at every age?!

Isn’t THIS what leadership is all about? Whether we are parents raising children, teachers, bosses, friends, partners or co-workers, isn’t leadership about making people feel connected, heard, understood and validated?

In my 20+ years of working in or dealing with corporate I can count on ONE hand the number of leaders that made me FEEL inspired, connected or engaged the way a leader should. Most of the VP’s, managers, Presidents I dealt with left me shaking my head wondering HOW on earth they were ever PAID to “lead” people. Pointing fingers (literally or figuratively), putting people down, making people feel shamed, judged, blamed, embarrassed or incompetent are NOT the ways to LEAD. True leadership isn’t granted by title, it is earned in countless unassuming ways that we validate and empower others to FEEL better, stronger, more capable.

Somewhere along the way, it seems we have FORGOTTEN that we are all just human beings, with the same basic needs to be loved, heard, understood and to live a life that matters. We let our EGOS take over, and we act from a place of entitlement because of our JOB TITLE, designation, pay-check, or false sense of superiority. Looking at this little baby, so new and pure and innocent, reminds me that we all come in to this world the same, WITHOUT a title, FREE of a sense of SUPERIORITY, without an ego. We are all hard wired from birth to CONNECT with one another, to be OPEN and receptive to energy and LOVE, engaging with one another, and to MIRROR what we see, feel and do. It’s so simple really.

Let’s all agree to treat each other with love, understanding and the same basic respect regardless of age, title, income, race or gender, remembering that we all have the same humble beginnings.

To leave people feeling better than we found them…now there’s something worth striving for.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo
Inspired friend, proud momma, passionate entrepreneur

I have your back!

As we were getting ready for bed last night I heard one of my twin daughters say to the other, as she was about to close her eyes and wash her face over the sink, “Ava, put your hand on my back please.”

To which my other twin, without a moments hesitation, walked over and put her hand on Elle’s shoulder as she washed her face. This was the first time I had heard and seen this and it stopped me in my tracks to ask what it was all about.

“When we close our eyes to wash our face at night, we get scared, so every night we take turns putting our hands on each others back so we know someone is there watching out for us.”

I smiled at both of my girls and gave them a little hug and as I went off to bed. I couldn’t help but think about what a deep and meaningful gesture this little moment I witnessed was. Many people spend a lifetime looking for “that person” who will always “Have your Back” and here are these two special girls, who are that for each other.

Ava and Elle MacGregor, I Believe She's Amazing

This is more than a “twin-thing” or a “sister-thing” it’s a “CHARACTER-thing.” I am sure that over the course of their lives, they will be that for many more people: friends, partners and children. May we all find that person we can count on to have our back in a moment of need, may we all RECOGNIZE and express our gratitude when we DO FIND that person, and may we BE that for many people in many different situations over the course of our lives.

Life’s beautiful little moments leave me in a state of awe for love and for humanity.

Ever so grateful for the many amazing people I have been able to count on over the years.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo
Inspired friend, proud momma

Spread your wings and soar!

There is ONE thing that is more debilitating, crippling and growth-stunting than just about anything. It prevents people from TRYING new things & STOPS them once they have started. It makes them lose sleep, miss opportunities and remain stuck. The craziest thing about it – is that is isn’t based on anything REAL – it’s rooted in the INVISIBLE, in the down side of “what if,” in the negative voices that take up space in our minds convincing us we can’t…we shouldn’t…why bother. Sometimes it comes from us, sometimes it infiltrates our hearts through the words of a partner or friend casting a shadow of doubt. But like a shadow it isn’t tangible – you can’t touch it – and it doesn’t truly exist once we turn on our own light.

What is it you ask?


While fear is something we all face in moments of decision and change, it is only once we PUSH THROUGH IT that we are transformed. What awaits on the other side of FEAR is FREEDOM! Freedom to venture into the unknown, FREEDOM to discover aspects of ourselves we would otherwise never realize, FREEDOM to try new things…FREEDOM to live…to truly LIVE. Imagine if the caterpillar remained safely wrapped in her cocoon for fear of how challenging her first flight would be? For the countless times I have faced my fears and DECIDED to try it anyway (despite a sick stomach) I AM GRATEFUL…those were the most exciting chapters of my life story…the moments when life changed forever.

The other day my 15yr old was ready to launch her first blog. While it was something she had planned and prepared for and talked about, when the time finally came to launch her first post, FEAR crept in. What if no one likes it? What if I sound foolish? What if it’s not that great? 

“Remember all the reasons you wanted to do this and remember that the only way to find out is to TRY!” I reminded her (as I have so often had to remind myself).

After about 45 min with her finger hovering over the “PUBLISH” button, her cheeks flushed, her heart racing, she held her breath…and pressed the button. Within minutes you could see relief that she had BEGUN and by the following day her creativity was renewed, she wrote a new post, and is eager and ready to post again next week. Fear is like that bully in class, who when you stood up to them, they backed down, and got quiet.

I felt so incredibly proud of her in that moment.Those are the minutes that define us-when we take that leap, venture into the unknown and test what we are made of. Better we try and try and try again than to give in to the dark voice that lulls us into a false sense of security and keeps us STUCK in status quo. 

Let this be a challenge to us all to try something new this year…to face our fears and do it anyway…to discover some new side of ourselves we never knew existed…to spread our wings and soar. 

spread your wings and soar

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Never stop believing one person can make a difference… that one person is YOU!

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo
Inspired friend, proud momma

Should I get genetic testing for breast cancer…or NOT? (plus join me for a breast cancer fundraiser)

We just celebrated Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. The leaves are changing. The sun has been brilliant and warm. I made fresh soup (lots of it). My husband and I cleaned and organized the house in preparation for our first move from our home of the past 19 years (more to come on that – super excited!). And we shared some valuable “family-time” out of our daily nine-to-five routine. What could be better…honestly!

I have so much to give thanks for.

Love. Family. Dreams-coming-true. Good health.

Ah yes, good health…a place my thoughts have gone to a lot lately. Partially because of the other significant thing that October represents…breast cancer awareness month.  When I was 16, I didn’t know much about cancer and certainly didn’t know you could be diagnosed with cancer in your “breast.” How bizarre!

One year later, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was only 41. Awareness was limited then, not at all like the “PINK” phenomenon we know today. Since that time, while breast cancer awareness has increased rapidly, the disease continues to rear it’s ugly head in my family and across the globe, as the most common cancer in women worldwide.

Since my mother was diagnosed, four of her five sisters have been diagnosed with breast cancer, along with three of her first cousins.  (My mother died in 1997 from a secondary cancer, colon cancer, which was diagnosed 12 yrs later). Crazy as it may be, I never considered genetic testing “seriously” until this year, as my mom’s youngest sister continues to undergo treatment.

With all the news about Angelina Jolie’s choice to undergo genetic testing and a subsequent double mastectomy, combined with my maternal family history, my sister and I have been asking the question, “Should I get genetic testing for breast cancer or not?”… A LOT lately.

I have always been of the mindset, that even if we were to get the testing done, and it revealed that we carry the gene, it is still NOT a guarantee that we WILL be diagnosed with breast cancer in our lifetime. Feels like an exercise of fear of, “what if” something happens.

But then there is the other side of the debate, prevention, which I think about. I’m still young. I have three little girls, a hubby, a growing business and a long bucket list of accomplishments still to be realized…the thought of being slowed down by this disease and the inconvenience it would create is less than appealing. No two boobies are worth that.

Reading up on it only offers more confusion with countless arguments both FOR and AGAINST it as an effective prevention of the disease, and many experts still labeling it as extreme and unnecessary in many cases.

So the question remains…to test or not to test?

Of course it doesn’t end there, testing means that we have to give some thought to what we do with the results.

It’s a BIG old complicated issue, but as with many other women with a strong family history of the disease, like mine, it’s the elephant in the room. I’m thinking about it. I’ll keep you posted as to my next steps and would love to hear your personal experiences.

In the meantime, I’ve created a little fundraiser for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, called AMAZING YOU! I’d love you to join us for an afternoon that will inspire and empower women to live their most AMAZING life, while having fun, and helping raise money for a good cause.

Mark your calendar for this Sunday October 20th, in Toronto, from 2-5pm.

Join us to get unSTUCK * Motivated * Ready for change * Committed to living well * Dedicated to being healthy * Prepared to BE STRONG * Excited about living ABUNDANTLY * Relaxed with a little Yoga * Educated about SAFE products * Enjoy a MAKEOVER with beautiful, safe Swiss products  * Be part of a fun photo shoot *

Dress comfortably and WEAR PINK to show your support!!!

LocationDanceology 171 East Liberty Street, Suite 109 Toronto, Ontario M6K 3P6 416.588.0111

Confirm your attendance (you’re welcome to bring a guest) by emailing me at

There will be products available to purchase with a portion of proceeds to

I look forward to seeing you there!!!

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo

Inspired friend

Founder of the Global Grassroots Movement, “I Believe She’s Amazing” over 2,000,000 followers worldwide

PS – stay tuned for more info about our next event a Mother/Daughter Self Esteem Workshop October 27th 2-5 downtown Toronto. To build strong, healthy relationships with ourselves and our daughters. Inspiration and an open discussion.